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Sep. 19th, 2010 @ 07:14 pm Rant Rant Rant!
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I like to think that I am a tolerant person, I try to respect the fact that others don't have the same views as me on any subject. I try, but these last few days have been a trial. I'm a Catholic, I go to church and I try to respect my fellow man but sometimes it's hard, it really is.

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Aug. 13th, 2010 @ 12:30 am Next best thing to being the Dr!
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Jul. 8th, 2010 @ 11:00 pm I'm back
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I'm back, 8 months is a long time to be away. I haven't really even been visiting to look at entries very much so if I've missed anything.... sorry.

So Happy Birthday to anyone who's had or is having a birthday. A very belated Happy Christmas and New Year, happy vernal equinox, happy Easter, happy summer solstice to everyone as well. I hope you all had fun.

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Nov. 2nd, 2009 @ 10:42 am Late Again!
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So here I am agin, late as usual though not quite as longa gap as last time!

Life has settled down somewhat since coming home from Wales. I no longer feel as though I have abandoned my daughter to some terrible fate but I do miss her. Although I still feel sad some days most days I am so busy that I have little time to think about what she may or may not be doing.

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Ok time to tackle the homework that I have been putting off doing for far too long. I hope everyone had a fun Halloween, I don't celebrate it, no particular reason just don't do it and rather than keep explaining to people when they knock on the door that there are no treats here I usually arrange to be out, this year I spent the day at the mother in laws.......
Oct. 5th, 2009 @ 05:54 pm 6 Weeks
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I can't believe that it has been 6 weeks since I posted anything here. I kept meaning to at least make a post that said hi! but somehow the time has slipped away and here I am 6 weeks later older, greyer, lighter, depressed and alone. lol Older because even I can't halt to march of time, greyer because my hair refuses to stop growing and so the grey keeps popping through meaning yet another trip to the hairdressers. *sigh* Lighter because I have been so busy that I dropped 5.5 lbs is weight in just 7 days!!!!!! mostly because I walked around 30 miles in that time and meals were very small. I'm depressed bcause my daughter started university last week, she's 250 miles away (not far I know) and homesick and I can't help her through it. Though of course if I was there she wouldn't be homesick! I'm alone because the house is empty just me and the cat who is punishing me for leaving her at the cattery for a week by whining and not allowing me to move one inch without her!

Anyway homesick or not the daughter is settled in a nice room in the purpose built student villiage at Aberystwyth University. In fact the room is bigger than her bedroom here at home. She is sharing a house with one other girl and 4 boys. They have a communal kitchen and shared bathroom and toilets. It's all very nice and she is lucky because her room is the biggest one in the house. The main problem has been that the university supplies a bed and matress, a wardrobe, desk, chair, bedside table and a bedside lamp. Luckily as we were there we were able to buy some furniature for her that mean she could put all her stuff away and her room will be tidy for the inspection that happens this week. We got her a tv and a new laptop as well, so now she is all set ready for the classes that began properly today. It was very hard to come away on sunday evening, I felt like I was abandoning her but of course I wasn't, it just felt like it. She is safe and the University is a really good one so hopefully she will enjoy her time there. If she doesn't she's not doing it right! Count down to christmas begins here, lol only 10 weeks.....

She is really eager to get her hands on the horses and I don't know anyone who doesn't mind mucking out, feeding or grooming them. I guess the incentive is that they get to ride them as well, the course will teach her jumping, dressage, biology, physiology etc etc etc and at the end of it she will be qualified to manage a stable should she want to go that route or she will be able to go on to research and such. When she told me that they have to bring the horses in from a rather large field every morning after doing the stables I had this vision of her (and the other students) running around the field with the horses running away from them. I'll wait for her to tell me what it is like once they have done it.

It seems that for the whole week we were there with her we were driving around trying to find various things and the list of things I have to send her is very long! I guess the ladies in the post office are going to get sick of seeing me. I have instructions to send biscuits and marble cake, banana bread and cinnamon cookies, not to mention several things we couldn't fit in the car........

I have lots to keep me occupied between now and when she comes home, my training course starts tomorrow and my evening class started last week. Both it seems will have large amounts to do at home so along with everything else I'm going to be busy good job I'm not working!
Aug. 21st, 2009 @ 05:20 pm Something Funny
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Well I think so!

I did this a couple of years ago and after the stress from the last couple of days I needed something silly to do so here it is (again).

Go to google and search the following words putting your first name in front of the word. Type the first sentance that makes sense. Unfortunately for me my name means that most come out to do with religion and so sometimes I had to search to find soemthing that made a bit more sense.

1. Type in (your name) looks like
Faith looks like my cycle buddy

2. Type in (your name) says
Faith says he's flying with Jesus

3. Type in (your name) needs
Faith needs feet

4. Type in (your name) wants
Faith wants you to visit New York

5. Type in (your name) does
Faith does Southeast Asia

6. Type in (your name) hates
Faith hates violence

7. Type in (your name) asks
Faith asks if Mormons are mainstream

8. Type in (your name) goes
Faith goes Pop!

9. Type in (your name) likes
Faith likes the Pope

10. Type in (your name) eats
Faith eats a noodle

11. Type in (your name) wears
Faith wears thin

12. Type in (your name) was arrested for
Faith was arrested for wearing the wrong shirt
Aug. 20th, 2009 @ 11:18 pm Results Day
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Today was a tense day, it's been a stressful week, the reason was exam results day, not mine but the daughters. Not just hers either but all the 18/19 yr olds who are hoping to go to university, you could hear the parents breathing a sigh of relif in most cases that thier offspring had achieved the results they had hoped for and they would get their places at their chosen universities with no problem.

At the other end of the scale were the parents of those students who hadn't done so well and found themselves without a university place, they have had to enter something called clearing, where the university clearing service try to find those who want them places at other universities, sometimes on a course that needs less qualifications than they were originally hoping for and sometimes on completely different courses. Some students end up in better universities for the subject they want to study and some discover better courses for their interests. It is on a first come first served basis and there will be some students who will fail to get any place at all simply because there are not enough places for everyone.

In the middle are the other students, those that don't quite get what they want to do the course they originally wanted to do and end up with a changed course, changed by the university. You have two choices when you get this kind of offer, accept or decline. It's ok accepting the course offered if it appeals to you, or is at least in the area you want to study. But that's not always the case and then you have to decline and take your chances with clearing.

My daughter got her results today, unfortunately she didn't get the exam she was hoping for. The university changed her course offer after looking at her other qualifications, her school reports and her personal statement, there was enough there to convince the university that she could do a different course. Luckily the new course was just as interesting to her so she has accepted that. She was lucky, originally she was going to do animal science with an equine speciality attatched to it. The new course is in equine studies, still a three year degree course but all horses. It's funny because several months ago she had said to me that she thought she would like to make horses her speciality rather than be confined to a vets and just be with family pets all the time. So come september she is off to Aberystwyth in North Wales as planned.

From my point of view the waiting time between taking the exams and actually getting the result is needlessly long and stressful. My daughter took her exam at the very begining of june, waiting until now for the results means that everything that needs to be done will have to be done in the next couple of weeks. It's a shame that the exams cant be marked as they are taken, from what I understand everyone takes the same exam countrywide at the same time or within a few days, surely once everyone who is going to take it has taken their exam in say french, then they could be marked and released. The waiting hasn't improved since I took my exams 30 years ago.

Although the government made an extra 13,000 places available this year for students to go to university the increase of student wanting to go is up by 60,000. I have heard it estinmated that 100,000 students will have to go through clearing to get a place and that there are 6 students for every place that is still available, so there are going to be some people who will not get a place anywhere. For them they will have to get a job, re sit exams or re take courses and wait until next year to re apply and hope that they get in then.
Aug. 17th, 2009 @ 10:39 am Mad Dogs and Englishmen
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Go out in the midday sun or so they say.

The British are the eccentrics to the world, we have reputations for having a 'stiff upper lip' (tea and biscuits anyone?), over cooking vegatables (brussel sprouts boiled into submission) and deep frying (yes in batter) everything including mars bars! We eat strange things like lavabread (fried seaweed with bacon and oats), boiled tripe (cows stomach) and pigs trotters (which are actually quite nice). Lets not forget the weather, we always complain it's too hot/cold/wet/dry/sunny/cloudy/miserable for the time of year. I remmeber when the weather was........ lol!

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Is it art? I wouldn't like to say, is it fun, daft, silly amazing and British? Absolutely! :)
Aug. 4th, 2009 @ 02:44 pm Space
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These are just a few of my favourite galaxies etc. Behind the cut because they are huge.

M42 Orion NebulaCollapse )

SN1006 Looks Like A Soap Bubble Supernova RemnantCollapse )

NGC4676 When Mice CollideCollapse )

NGC6946 The Fireworks Galaxy in GeminiCollapse )

M31 Andromeda The Most Beautiful Galaxy Of Them AllCollapse )

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Aug. 4th, 2009 @ 02:19 pm New Icons
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Mother nature is a wonderful thing and nothing seems more beautiful to me than these galaxies, clusters and nebulae, oh and the one that looks like a gas bubble is actually the remnant of a supernova and the famous crab nebula. I know I should have labelled them with their classification numbers but that would have spoiled them.

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